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If you want to report a problem or would like to see a new feature in the next version of DiskGraph, please write a comment on this page. Every suggestion is welcome!

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  1. As mentioned in my App Store review your app requires access to my contacts and calendar when scanning my user folder. This should not be required to get the files sizes and leaves a bad taste because data security. I’m not scanning the “Macintosh HD”, just my own user folder! (Mojave)

    1. This is a security feature in macOS 10.14 Mojave which is automatically triggered when scanning your home folder.

  2. Scanning my home folder, the progress indicator gets stuck at 3.3%. After a while it completes and shows the results. But the feeling is pretty weird, because it looks like it is not responding while scanning.

    1. The scan progress being “stuck” is normal behavior. When you scan a folder, there is no efficient way of estimating how long the scan will take or the total number of files contained in the folder hierarchy. The approximation that Disk Graph and many other apps adopt works by splitting the total percentage evenly etween the files of a folder, which means that if most files are concentrated inside some deeply nested folders the progress will apparently be stuck. Unfortunately there is no workaround.
      If you scan the whole Macintosh HD (which has the HFS+ filesystem), the progress will be much more precise since the total number of files is known.

  3. Since the last update of DiskGraph, the percentage and labels are no longer readable. OSX 10.12.4 (16E195), DiskGraph Version 1.4 (28). Running on MacBook Pro 15” (Retina, Mid 2012).

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