Witgui 2.1.4

Download Witgui 2.1.4 (Mac OS X Lion or newer)

Fixed bugs

The search field works again. Renamed games are correctly updated inside the app. Partition names are correctly displayed in the Format panel. Fixed some Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) compatibility issues. Other minor bugs fixed.


The option to download the game covers has been moved to the Preferences panel. To enable the restoration of open windows, please enable/disable the corresponding option in the General tab of the System Settings.

Witgui 2.1.3

Download Witgui 2.1.3 (Mac OS X Lion or newer)

New features

The size of the icons in the Icon view can be customized, the dialog for transfers to WBFS partitions can be hidden, /disk can be used instead of /rdisk to access WBFS partitions, flat covers can be used instead of 3D covers (in the Preferences panel).

Fixed bugs

Games can be dragged from the Icon view to the Finder. Games on WBFS partitions can be correctly verified.